Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a While

I know I know I know ... I know it has been years since I have posted, but the good news is that I have been inspired to come back I have remembered how fun it is to post new things and to see in my daily life things that are post worthy it kind of opens up your eyes to how fun your family is and how silly they can be. So the name of the blog is no long appropriate since a new addition has been added Her name is Sophia and her food nickname is "Sopapilla" which is a tortilla covered in cinnamon and sugar, a huge dessert/treat her in Texas. She is now a year old, she was not even an idea before I stopped blogging but we are very happy to have her and are blessed!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"I'm Leaving...

... On a Jet Plane don't when I'll come home again." Well actually I do Derek will be gone for a week and then me and the girls will start diving from Utah to California for a couple of weeks and we will be back the 27th of May. There may or may not be any new post until then since Derek does not post anything and I will be busy visiting with Family and my mom does not have internet. So My friends I will see you all later and a happy birthday to all of you who turn a year older this month that I am gone.

Friday, May 2, 2008

To My Love ...

What better way to say these words than announcing it to the world wide web. I appreciate all that you do my love. You work crazy hours so that your girls at home can have everything that we need and more. You smile at my faults you make me feel special with a wink of your eye. There are still many times that I get butterfly in my stomach when I see you, or know you are coming home. You never hold me back from the things that I want to do. You encourage me to seek new ventures in my life to have my own personal time, girls time, and hobby time. You have provided for us so well you are talented and spiritual and so stinking smart. Your absolutely positively drop dread gorgeous, at least you were when I met you(lol) but in my eyes you have only gotten better and more attractive in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Bottom line is... I love you.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky,Sneaky

Savannah thinks she is sooo slick. For a couple days in a row she would sneak out of her room and hang out in the adjacent room to were ever we were and just fall asleep. We were on the computer one night and I would go back and forth from the computer were Derek was, to the living room were my show was on. I never noticed that in the shadows was my little Savannah asleep, until I was headed for bed and went to check on the girls and Savannah's bed was empty. So more alert I went to tell Derek and then I spotted her in the corner of the dinning room asleep on a bunch of pillows covered by her blanket. She looked so cute it just made us laugh. The next night we were watching TV and I kept on hearing nosies so I propped up and stared out towards the office Savannah stayed completely still, I have really bad eyesight so I did not see her but suddenly the stroller starts moving slowly into the office she was there pushing it in and out of the office. We just ignored here then soon after I thought I heard Molly in the kitchen but she was laying in front of the TV then I heard it again this time only catching a glimpse of Savannah speeding by to get to the door way of our room then I hear the door shut. We still did not do anything just to keep on seeing what this smooth operator was going to do next needless to say we feel asleep on the couch just to wake up to Savannah telling up to go to bed. Silly Girl. The next night I was ready anticipating here to do something else and she did not disappoint she went to the office and fell asleep in the moonlight coming from the windows.

The picture was taken in the beginning of April I was hoping to catch her in some other places and post more pictures but since then she has not come out of her room she just has silly streaks in her. I am so blessed to have her joy and light with me constantly I love you Savannah and would never change a thing about you!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost There

Olivia is just itching to walk she cruses on everything even the walls she is just done with walking and being on the floor. She can now climb on the couch...

and other things as well apparently. CRAZY GOOSE!!! She has gotten so wild she loves to push Savannah's bike around the house with Savannah on or off of it, the wheels go too fast more often than not so she is constantly falling but she keeps on going. She loves to climb into Savannah's Princess chair one night it was in the corner and I went to look for her and there she was sit in the chair playin' with a toy. I had no idea that she knew how to do that. She is full of surprises my baby is becoming a toddler

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Birthday

Ten days and 24 years ago I was born. What a wonderful day in the world that was LOL. I had a great week. This year was wonderful I have good friends to celebrate it with. My friend MichalAnn planned a get together at Rosa's Cafe. That night there was a tornado watch I was already to go and bummed to hear the sirens going of I thought it would be canceled and I was really sad I was so excited to go. But thanks to Jayne who is always on time she was at the restaurant waiting for us, so a few of us Girls went. Thank you Friends who came out in spite of the weather you guys made me feel really special, and to my friends who were planning on it I total understand. Thanks to Everyone for Birthday cards and Birthday Wishes!

My Girls got me an edible arrangement it was so good but did not last long! My little chocolate lovers
Derek Gave me some beautiful Roses and yummy Chocolate German Cake

My cute chocolate lover
And a great big Thank you to...
My Dad who came to town
My Mom who sent money for clothes I just bought
My friends who gave we wonderful cards (Jennie Your card was so extremely cute)
Sharee who gave me wonderful homemade bread wow!
Glea who made me a huge plate of homemade treats

Monday, April 28, 2008

Why I have not bloged

Okay So It has been a long while two weeks. The first week was the week before my birthday so I was shopping all week long and since I just got my car back I did not want to spend one minute at home when I knew the the road was calling my name and asking for me to drive on it once more. The following week My dad and Cecilia(his wife) came over from Cali so I was entertaining them all week and have some fun Post to publish. So the I is so big because the first three nights of the week he had Business dinners then Thursday he had a late case and Friday was the only night that he was home for a bit, we ate dinner at 9pm night.

So I was going to update yesterday but the girls both got fevers after church and are still very whinny and needy today so posting more posts will have to wait until tomorrow because once more Derek has another business dinner. If it sounds Like I am complaining I really am not I am use to it. It just sucks when you have family in town and when kids are sick and you just need a break and hold your husband. Love you Honey keep on working hard for your girls at home!!